When somebody makes you laugh when you’re sad, that’s the most enjoyable laugh you’ll ever experience. IT by Alexa Chung   (via elauxe)

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I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you,
I swear to god that’s how they make stars. Mary Lambert, from Sarasvatī  (via recovering-ballerina)

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Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake. (via recovering-ballerina)

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sarahsalihh asked: Salaam! love love love your blog. Just made tumblr, think you could give me a follow? jazak Allah khayr!

Wasalam barakallahu feeki sis and sure xx

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Sometimes, I forget that I am young. I forget that I have only been blessed with a quarter of a century. I forget that mistakes are part of trying. I forget that fear is motivation, not food for anxiety. I forget that friendship takes kindness, and openness. I need to forget those who have made me less kind and less open. I forget the way a first kiss feels. I forget to smile sometimes. I forget what it’s like to be wooed, except by myself. I forget that it’s better to woo yourself than to expect others to do it for you. I forget how to give a genuine hug to someone other than my mother and my father. Because I’m fearful others won’t return it. I forget the sound of my first boyfriend’s voice. I forget to eat well. I forget to make eye contact, retail has killed a friendlier version of myself. I forget not to stand tall and act like I don’t care, because of how I was approached when I cared. I forget that kindness and courage can go hand in hand. I forget who I was when I was 19. I forget what it looks like when someone wants to be your friend. I forget because I remember that no one can change my life, only I can. I remember these wonderful women who have looked me in the eye, and told me good, and kind words. Strong words. I forget that each day is a blessing. That each day is what I make it. That each day belongs to me and me alone. I forget. I’m going to forget forgetting and start remembering. That Kind Of Woman (via splitterherzen)

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The Arabic word تكلم (to speak), has another root meaning كلم which means to wound.
How many people have we wounded with our words? (via iibrahim)

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